Neighborly Selects Xpressdocs Brand Management Solution

Jan 23, 2019
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Welcome to Raw Codex's page on the Neighborly Selects Xpressdocs Brand Management Solution. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore how Raw Codex's top-notch website design and development services contribute to the success of Neighborly, a prominent online service marketplace. Discover the innovative features and advantages of the Xpressdocs brand management solution that Neighborly relies on to excel in their industry.

About Neighborly

Neighborly is a widely recognized and trusted online service marketplace that connects customers with a range of professionals, allowing them to access various services conveniently and efficiently. From home repairs to landscaping, plumbing to electrical work, Neighborly offers an extensive network of service providers to cater to diverse needs.

Xpressdocs Brand Management Solution

In order to maintain a consistent brand image and streamline their marketing efforts, Neighborly has chosen Raw Codex's Xpressdocs brand management solution. This comprehensive suite of tools empowers Neighborly to effectively manage and optimize their brand identity across various communication channels.

Features and Advantages

Let's delve into the exciting features and advantages that the Xpressdocs brand management solution offers Neighborly:

1. Centralized Brand Control

The Xpressdocs brand management solution provides Neighborly with a centralized platform to manage and control their brand assets effortlessly. This ensures consistent branding across all marketing collateral, including promotional materials, digital resources, and more. Neighborly can easily maintain their brand guidelines and standards, establishing a strong identity that resonates with their audience.

2. Customizable Templates

With the Xpressdocs brand management solution, Neighborly can access a wide range of customizable templates for their marketing materials. From business cards to flyers, brochures to postcards, Neighborly can effortlessly create professional, eye-catching designs that align with their brand aesthetic. The user-friendly interface allows for easy customization of content, ensuring that every marketing piece reflects Neighborly's unique selling propositions.

3. On-Demand Printing

Neighborly benefits from the convenience of on-demand printing offered by Xpressdocs. This feature enables Neighborly to swiftly manage their printing requirements, producing high-quality, professionally printed materials whenever needed. Whether it's a sudden marketing campaign or an urgent promotional event, Neighborly can rely on Xpressdocs to fulfill their printing needs with speed and precision.

4. Mailing Services

Facilitating their direct marketing initiatives, Neighborly leverages the mailing services provided by Xpressdocs. This inclusive feature allows Neighborly to seamlessly integrate their mailing list with the platform, enabling easy distribution of promotional materials to their target audience. By utilizing Xpressdocs' mailing services, Neighborly can save time and effort, ensuring their marketing materials reach the right recipients without hassle.

5. Brand Consistency

Ensuring brand consistency is crucial for Neighborly's success, and the Xpressdocs brand management solution offers robust features to achieve just that. With the ability to establish preset rules and guidelines, Neighborly can safeguard their brand integrity and prevent any unauthorized alterations to their valuable brand assets. This consistency builds trust among their customers, reinforcing Neighborly's position as a reputable online service marketplace.


In summary, Neighborly's selection of Raw Codex's Xpressdocs brand management solution has proven to be instrumental in their continued success as a leading online service marketplace. The centralized brand control, customizable templates, on-demand printing, mailing services, and brand consistency features have significantly contributed to Neighborly's ability to maintain a cohesive and impactful brand presence.

By prioritizing their brand management with the support of Raw Codex's cutting-edge solutions, Neighborly has secured a competitive edge in the Computers Electronics and Technology - Web Hosting and Domain Names industry. As a trusted partner, Raw Codex continues to assist Neighborly in enhancing their brand identity and maximizing their marketing efforts.

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