How To Avoid Burn Marks on Postcards

Aug 4, 2019
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Postcards are a popular medium for sending messages, promoting events, or sharing memories. However, when it comes to printing postcards, one common issue that many individuals and businesses face is the occurrence of burn marks. Burn marks can significantly impact the overall quality of your postcards, leaving undesirable marks or discoloration on the printed surface.

The Importance of Avoiding Burn Marks

Before diving into effective methods to avoid burn marks on postcards, it is important to understand why it is crucial to prevent them in the first place. Burn marks can diminish the professionalism and appeal of your postcards, making them less engaging or impressive. Whether you are using postcards for marketing purposes or personal use, ensuring high-quality printing results is essential in leaving a lasting impression on recipients.

Effective Methods to Prevent Burn Marks

To help you achieve pristine and burn mark-free postcards, consider the following preventive measures:

1. Proper Printer Settings

When printing postcards, it is important to adjust your printer settings correctly. The printer settings can affect the amount of heat produced during the printing process and subsequently minimize the risk of burn marks. Ensure that your printer is set to the appropriate temperature and power level for the specific postcard stock you are using.

2. Paper Quality and Thickness

The choice of paper can greatly influence the occurrence of burn marks. Opt for high-quality, thicker postcard paper that is specifically designed for printing purposes. Inferior paper may be more susceptible to heat damage or toner saturation, leading to burn marks.

3. Proper Paper Handling

Handling postcards with care during the printing process is essential in preventing burn marks. Avoid touching the printable surface to minimize the likelihood of fingerprints or oil transfer that may result in discoloration or marks. Additionally, ensure that the paper is stored in appropriate conditions to avoid moisture or heat damage prior to printing.

4. Adjust Printer Speed

Printer speed can also impact the occurrence of burn marks. Slower printing speeds generally help prevent excessive heat buildup, reducing the risk of burn marks. Experiment with different speed settings on your printer until you find the optimal speed that guarantees high-quality prints without burn marks.

5. Regular Printer Maintenance

Maintaining your printer in good working condition is crucial for producing burn mark-free postcards. Clean the printer's internal components regularly, such as the fuser unit and paper path, to remove any accumulated toner or debris that could potentially cause issues during the printing process.


By implementing these effective methods and taking preventive measures, you can avoid burn marks on your postcards and achieve high-quality printing results for your personal or business needs. Remember to adjust your printer settings appropriately, choose the right paper quality, handle paper with care, experiment with printer speed, and maintain your printer regularly. Following these guidelines will help ensure that your postcards are visually appealing, professional, and leave a positive impact on their recipients.

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